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Though he did eventually stumble upon this fabulous, jam-packed, Romance Kit! Do you have any animal print clothing you could wear on this date?It was so easy to put together and turned out cute too! He walked right past the gift without even spotting it! ”Just for ‘de fun of it, I stumbled upon these sassy things! I set this little arrangement up in the car because this safari was on the move again!

If you’re staying the night at a hotel, check in early without him.She wanted suggestions on presenting her anniversary gift to her hubby.Her Plan: To take him to the Broadway show, My hubby takes the day of our anniversary off every year.I just gathered the items, filled up a good size basket, tossed in some artificial rose petals, wrapped it in cellophane and threw a ribbon around it! But don’t you worry after a few passes later and I finally pointed him in the right direction. Thank goodness for Ross and a price tag of only .99! Maybe you’re lucky enough to already own one of these little numbers. 😉 At this point it was time for us to pack up and get ready for our night out! Because of this predicament, we’ll just have to wait. We set the mood by listening to The Lion King soundtrack.*If you are doing this date at home put in a jungle-themed CD and do some dancing!Either way, gift it to him in some kind of fashion. So I wrote this on the envelope of Clue #5:“Watch out! But don’t you worry, we’ll be on the road before 8. We headed to dinner and then to our hotel for the rest of the evening.

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That way you can get it all set up before you both officially arrive.

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  1. Proof positive: this list of dispatches from the world’s It is important to note, this story was inspired by an email from one of these fellows, which followed a first date and closed with: "and lastly, the only reason i didn't try to fuck you was because you really didn't appear to want that. unfortunately I have no a lot of time for a chat here. Then I can send you some more about me and send more photo of me. )I’m an energetic guy, but have a pretty mellow and laid back personality. Communication and Commitment help us to return to love when we lose our way... We didn't always agree on things, but that was the best part of us... So grateful and thankful am I, for the most wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.... Later, when i asked my dogie what she thought, she said, "Hey, no one reads this stuff, they only look at the pictures... "Before we head off to the dog park, here is a bit more...