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You may feel like a personal development plan (PDP) is time-consuming, and you’d rather spend your limited time caring for as many patients as possible and resting after your shift. The stress of a busy schedule and tight resources can cause you to lose sight of your goals, so you should use a well-written, structured personal development plan to remain focused.

A plan helps you set up targets and scope out your obstacles.

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This positive energy inspires those you work with and fills people with confidence in your healthcare service.Write down your reflections and keep them together with your personal development plan.Instead of focusing on what you won’t do next time, create constructive answers that focus on what you’ll do differently to bring about real, applicable change.All stories here are copyright, and copyright from the original author as well.Do not repost ANY of the stories here in part or in whole without permission.

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Reflective practice in health and social care is crucial because you work with human beings – they have unexpected wants and needs that require you to adapt quickly.