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" was an ad-lib by Astin, who wanted to sneak his brother's name into the movie."Encino Man" (1992) Astin starred with Pauly Shore as a pair of geeky high schoolers who find a caveman (played by Brendan Fraser) in their backyard hidden in a block of ice.

Despite negative critical response, the unabashedly silly movie was a success at the box office and amassed a cult following."Rudy" (1993) In this 1993 tearjerker biopic, Astin portrayed Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who lived his dream of playing football for the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles.

In 1991, he had a leading role in Toy Soldiers as Billy Tepper, a student at an upscale private school.

Astin played the outcast and rebel who helps save students and the school after it is taken over by terrorists.

Astin told John Stanley of the San Francisco Chronicle, "My parents were also careful that I understood all the classic pitfalls.

Works as a film director and producer include: On My Honor, 1990; Kangaroo Court, 1994; The Long and Short of It (also screenwriter), 2003. Astin had also appeared in a number of television productions.Though Astin was exposed to acting from an early age because of his parents, he saw a darker side of life as well. His parents' marriage was troubled, and they separated when he was three years old.They later divorced when he was eight (some sources say this occurred in 1985).After this role, Astin didn't have to prove nothin' to nobody about his acting chops."The Lord of the Rings" film franchise (2001-2003) Astin took on the role of Samwise Gamgee, patron saint of faithful sidekicks.The red-headed hobbit reminded Frodo and audiences everywhere that there was some good -- even with Sauron's minions on their tail -- and that it's worth fighting for.

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That same year, he played one of three brothers who thought they were inheriting their father's restaurant until he sold it in the drama Staying Together.