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Who is jay duffy dating

The end of the series is still under wraps, but it is purported to feature Bill Clinton’s visit in 1995.

And while things look brighter in Derry for this season, the same can’t be said for our crew of tearaways.

“They try to grow up but don’t succeed,” Lisa Mc Gee says.

“They’re all very different, so they approach these new situations with their own take. So there’s a few failed attempts at romance, and a couple of moments where it just doesn’t work out for the guys.

Seeing the Troubles on the screen has, however, helped bring it to the forefront of our minds – a fitting and gentle reminder of why the Belfast Agreement needs to be honoured as Brexit draws ever closer.

“It’s very depressing to see it could go back, especially considering how far Northern Ireland has come since then, but I hope they won’t,” Coughlan says.

I think it helps that it’s not like a drama; it’s not rammed down people’s throats.

People are finding out about it of their own volition.” After the poignant end of the last series, when a bomb explosion was enough to bring even Granda Joe (Mc Elhinney) and Da Gerry (Tommy Tiernan) closer, this series moves towards a call for peace in Northern Ireland.

The first episode pulled in an impressive 1.6 million viewers, and by the time the season ended it was Channel 4’s biggest comedy launch since Ricky Gervais’s ’s reviewer declared it her favourite comedy of the year.

I wanted it to be funny, but I didn’t want to make a mockery, because people are struggling with their sexuality, so it was such a difficult balance.

“I think people will be happy with how Lisa has progressed her. In most other shows it’s like there’s a gay one, there’s a popular one; they’re one-dimensional, and they skimp on fleshing the characters out, but none of the characters on the show are like that, and Clare is a fully rounded human being.

“Erin has grown up a wee bit, but she’s gotten braver this season,” Jackson says. As for the future of the series, the subject of teen traumas means it can run only so long.

“She still wants to be a writer; she has an inspirational teacher. “We’ll have to see if they commission more first, but is about them being at this very certain point in their life, and you can’t keep them 16 forever,” Mc Gee says.

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