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Web site cheating dating

When matches started to come through, it was incredibly exciting. He seemed clever and funny, so I arranged to meet him in a bar one summer evening, telling my husband that I was out with work colleagues.

Hugh was closer to 50 than the 40 he had said he was, but it didn’t matter – he was handsome and as smart as he’d been online.

I set up an Illicit Encounters profile while my husband was out one day.

I couldn’t believe that there was a service offering exactly what I wanted.Why do some people feel the need to stand in judgement over others?And one user who goes by the username Telly Graf was outraged: If you feel randy, then screw away, but don't be dishonest and hide it from your husband, to whom you have made a commitment.Then he took me to his office and we had passionate sex.When I went home that night, I slipped into bed next to my husband and didn’t feel guilt, only exhilaration.

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I’d been with my husband for 10 years, but I knew it was a mistake.