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Vegan speed dating berkeley

When I took over as organizer, I began allowing Dx E events to be posted. Here is the link: https:// Still a few seats available for this years Gourmet Raw and Vegan Fusion Holiday Dinner Xmas Evening..I immediately received objections, certain i This Wednesday, July 10 at 6 pm, enjoy a full-course vegan dinner, including beverages and desserts, all you care to eat. Over the past several months, questions have arisen in regard to permissions. After dinner, stay for a special presentation straight from the gastronomical capital of the world--BELGIUM! I hope you can join us for dinner, drinks, dessert, live music and all sorts of merriment. Hello, This Saturday I am hosting Veg Speed Dating and it will be the last one for 2015, and possibly forever! There is currently a waitlist for the women for the 25-40 group, and only 3 spots left for the men Do you have plans yet for Thanksgiving?The price-point is a little higher, but the food quality is impeccable: the cashew crema featured in many of their dishes is priceless.I'm definitely guilty of ordering an extra side and eating it straight off the spoon. Full course dinner, including beverages and treats. H Hi everyone, Certain developments have suggested a need for some clarification.Those of us that were involved for years understand that there will be no changes. , The Hello everyone, Previously, it had apparently been the policy of this meetup group's organizers to NOT post Dx E meetups.

You must pay for your ticket in advan When scheduling or suggesting events, please double-check to make sure another group event is not already scheduled for that time slot.In this episode I interview Karine Brighten, event planner and founder of Veg Speed Date in Ontario, Canada.After working with Canada’s largest event planning company JPDL, Karine started her own company Karine Brighten Events in 2009, based out of San Francisco, California.After dinner, enjoy the SF premiere of "The Food Cure." Dinner, movie and movie snacks, for only Fifteen Bucks! That takes form Is there someway I can unsubscribe from this perpetual chat that just began a few days ago,and still get messages from the vegan group or have the two now been inextricably entwined,if so I will be sad to leave on account of this sudden unending yacking!!Here is the link: After a long day at work, come enjoy a DELICIOUS vegan dinner with an exotic main dish! As a former member of Dx E, I appreciate that you took the time to look into the ongoing problems with Dx E's leadership. Unfortunately there is no accountability and independent oversight with th Dear Dave, I appreciate your thoughtful and even handed approached to the systemic problems of Dx E.

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I m We are sooooooooo close to selling out both events!