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Updating xml document

For example, the following line appends a name element to the end of the child elements of mydoc.employee: If the parent element does not have any children with the same name as the new child, you can specify the name of the new node or the left side of the assignment.

For example, the following line appends a phone Number element to the children of the first name element in mydoc.employee: You cannot use the node name on the left to add an element with the same name as an existing element in the parent.

Often, an XML element has several children with the same name.

For example, in the XML document defined in the simple XML document, the employee root element has multiple name elements.

Each entry in the array range is a copy of the structure.

The example code in the technique description uses the XML document described in A simple XML document.Deletes a selected attribute from an element's XMLAttributes structure. For example, the example document used in many XML examples has multiple name elements in the employee elements.Deletes all children with a specific element name from an element's Xml Children array. In many cases, you can treat the child elements with identical names as an array.You can use array and structure functions that you can use to modify an XML document object.The section provides a quick reference to modifying XML document object contents.

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When you use direct assignment, you can specify on the left side an index into the Xml Children array greater than the last child in the array.

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