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Updating heating from radiators to vents

Similarly to other types of radiators and baseboard heaters, cast iron radiators are sized based on BTU heat loss calculations.The following features are standard on all cast tube/slenderized radiator models (4x19, 4x25 and 6x25): For hot water use: 1.For steam (1-pipe): 1" for up to 28 sqft, 1-1/4" for up to 62 sqft Approximate surface areas are (per section): 1.6 sqft for 4x19, 2.0 sqft for 4x25, 3.0 sqft for 6x25 cast iron slenderized (cast tube) and 2.25 sqft for cast iron ray style. It is best to use the top air vent port on the return side of the radiators for both hot water and 1-pipe steam applications. A: Since radiators provide heat via radiant heating form of energy, any cover will create a barrier between the radiator and the room and will hinder it’s efficiency. This will go away when radiator is positioned and connected to the piping.What is the life expectancy of a cast iron radiator?The heat from the water heats the metal exterior of the radiator, which then radiates the heat out into the air.

If you are knowledgeable about your HVAC systems, you'll be able to communicate any problems with your service technician better and avoid overpaying for service.You may think you can lower your monthly heating bill by closing the air vents in a room when you're not using it.The fact is though that closing your vents can actually lead to more wasted energy than leaving them open.Hot water radiator valves (Matco-Norca AHV series or similar). Air vents (either manual - such as CK-100 model, or automatic - such as 417-3, HAV-125 models or similar, with 1/8" MNPT connection) 3. (2) 1" black plugs and (1) 1-1/4" black plug to close the unused ports (1-1/4" only for 5x20 cast ray).(2) black plugs to close the top 1" ports (4x19, 4x25 & 6x25 slenderized series only). Brass or black bushings, if reducing the bottom connection to the radiator valve (or supply & return piping). Y-strainer or dirt trap on the return line before the boiler (either standard or magnetic) - to collect and retain sediment. Steam radiator valves (Matco-Norca BARVY, BARVYN, SGV series or similar). Other parts may vary depending on the installation and can be found in the Heating Supplies category.

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