Tips for men on dating

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Tips for men on dating

Are you frustrated that you let the prettiest girl slip past you again simply because you just didn’t know how to best approach her?

Similarly, are you just as tongue-tied even on online dating scenarios? We have great, useful tips that can help you step up your dating game.

Read more When relationships end, things can go from messy to downright ugly. You might think that she had not been honest enough in the relationship. And you aren't over your ex and how the relationship ended.

Or maybe you found yourselves taking different paths when it came to career, lifestyles, or priorities. Read more Your first date is just around the corner and you don't want to make any mistakes?

As the title “Dating Tips For Older Men” implies, our focus today will be on the older side of my readers, but that doesn’t mean that younger guys will not find this article beneficial, as you will soon realise, Do you remember how easy it was to get laid in high-school/college?

Even if you were too busy back then to get any sort of action, it is fairly common knowledge that high school/college is your “get laid” heaven.

And also, just like you, they will have less time and energy to be socially active like they used to be.

Keeping that in mind, you should slowly start to realize that your chances with women are improving with age and not the other way around, and that is because unlike women, you do not really have to stick with women around your age, you can socialise and connect with girls from the age of 18 until your age and even older!

Read more Getting a girlfriend is not rocket science.She doesn’t care about the fact that you are 6ft tall or have a six-pack.She cares about you being dependable, stable, and trustworthy.If your answer is no, then you have something bigger to focus on rather than getting laid as an older gentleman.It might come across as shallow, but women looking to settle down tend to go for the guy with a stable job and a house.

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