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System windows forms control validating

See Grid Data Object Consumer Options for default consumers that you can enable and disable through the Grid Model Options. See Grid Controller Options for default mouse controllers that you can enable and disable through the Grid Model Options.

Data Object Consumer Options property of the Grid Model.

Redirects events defined in IGrid Ole Drag Drop Events Target to the specified object. Scroll Control) This is called from the current cell control's Process Key Message method and gives you a chance to modify the default behavior of this method. Shows how to populate all fields including picklists and combobox lists and work with properties. Please Click Play in video instead of following Links below Brought to you by ITPro Guru Dan Stolts.Gets a value indicating whether the caller must call an invoke method when making method calls to the control because the caller is on a different thread than the one the control was created on. Ultra Grid Base)Resets all of the properties on the bands and column which were set by the Enforce Xsd Constraints(String, Xsd Constraint Flags) method. Ultra Grid Base)On Filter Cell Value Changed is called when the user modifies a cell in a filter row. Client Rectangle of a control but you change Grid Bounds and by doing this instruct the grid that only parts of the current should be used to display the grid. Redirects events defined in IGrid Control Base Events Target to the specified object. Scroll Control) Gets or sets the default margins for the scrolling area when the user moves the mouse to the margin between Inside Scroll Bounds and Auto Scroll Bounds. Gets or sets a value indicating whether inserting and removing cells should be optimized by scrolling window contents and only invalidating new cells. Use Get Cached Graphics when you want to optimize drawing speed of the grid and call Draw Clipped Grid(Graphics, Rectangle) to draw cells directly with this graphics object as shown in the Trader Grid Test example. Normally, cells that are not marked as enabled with Grid Style Info. The event is called to check whether the specified cell is in view. Based on the position of the mouse and context of the control every registered controller's Hit Test method is called to determine the best controller for the following mouse action. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the grid's painting routines have a built-in optimization where it combines cells that have the same background to be drawn with one paint operation instead of drawing the background for each cell individually. When the grid size, grid location or scroll position changes the graphics object will be recreated. Occurs before the the current cell is moved into a specific direction. Normally, the current cell is checked if it is inside the visible grid area when certain user events occur such as when a key is pressed or when the grid got focus. Begin Update has been called the first time or Syncfusion.

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NET double buffering and also a bit slower but it reduces flicker if lots of scrolling is used and gdi drawing for individual cells in a grid. Indicates whether the control should perform one scroll command (faster) or if it should perform multiple scroll commands with smaller increments (smoother) when user rolls mouse wheel. Added for Print Columns To Fit helper class which uses Metafile drawings internally Enables shared scrollbars. This is useful if you want to implement your own keyboard handling and not have any default key handlers in the grid. Draws the portion of the grid within the clip Bounds to the specified System. Call this method to draw a single cell to a graphics object at the specified rectangle. Be aware that if pixel scrolling is enabled the caller needs to use clipping if this cell is at the top row or left column and only partially visible. Raises the Prepare View Style Info event which allows changing view-specific settings for the cells style object before the cell is displayed in the grid (except cell type and base style).