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Remember honest communication has got to be at the core of any (whether you swing or not) successful relationship.

Just because you and your partner have decided to open the relationship by way of swinging does not necessarily mean you will have an endless supply of play partners.

When we lose our capacity to embrace differences, we lose the ability to understand and see that even if it is something doesn’t work in our relationship, we shouldn’t penalize someone who believes it to be a benefit in their relationship.What is interesting about this new terrain, at least for most of us, is it is uncharted territory, so the “list” of pros and cons sort of materializes as you explore.This is all part of the joy you may experience in learning and deepening your relationship through swinging.Swinging can do wonders for your relationship, so let’s start with the good news first — the pros! This is my favorite pro because it brings the topic of sex off the shelf and pushes it to the front of the line.I can’t think of anything more loving than to be open and honest with your partner about what you desire sexually.

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I also know the feeling of constriction, when something is tightly bound, when I am unable to move, the almost panic that can ensue from this constriction.