Snk dating sim getting married after 6 months of dating

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Days of Memories (デイズ オブ メモリーズ, abbreviated DOM) is a series of romantic love simulations that SNK Playmore has been making for cellphones since 2005.The game series is the spiritual sister to Season 365 no Omoi, a mobile game of the same genre which featured KOF female characters.The player is a professional photographer who is searching for the next big model or scoop for his studio. Takes place in a hospital and is a mystery-romance story.The first game to determine the ending for a girl type by targeting certain groups of girls at once, setting the pre-ending phase to begin at an earlier date than others.This game also includes the added element of dueling to decide the endings.The protagonist is a young samurai, hoping to perfect his sword play in all of his matches. This game is marketed as a dating game for girls, rather than the normal male perspective.In order to finish the game with the beginnings of a workable relationship, the game tests players by asking for information like the birthdate, blood type, hobbies, and birthplace of whichever girl the player is planning to complete the game on, not allowing them to progress without getting most of the information correct.Game saves will be labeled with the particular girl "type" if the player is successful towards the end of the month, beginning the pre-ending phase to determine which ending the player will get.

Welcome to our reviews of the dating sims snk (also known as Landings Travel Sarasota)." This game concludes the previous two titles and is staged at a place similar to the last two entries.The protagonist is a third year kendo student who is energetic and reckless.He has to decide who he wants to spend his Christmas party with this year.The title parodies a popular Japanese phrase and TBS drama, One Hot Summer.

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No localization efforts have been made for America.

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