Sex chating betwen mother and son

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If all these similarities werent enough then when I asked her about her city and she replied with the same city that i stay in i jumped with excitement and was getting the urge to maybe call her home right then and think her to be my real mom and lay her down.

But I decided aginst this and we continued talking for few more moments.

hornymom4u:its great son and is waiting for a dick to rip it apart son4mom:mom i would have done that if i was your son hornymom4u:yes son i know but you arent my son and my son is dumb boy who just cant see how bad his mom wants him son4mom:mom how is he going to understand how bad you want him as you told in the morning you never gave him any signals or did anything that could make him realise....

So I went to a friends place who had gone out of town with his parents and I had a key to his room and logged in from there.I told my online mom that my mom called and told me she couldnt be back for few more hours and we got time for each other as much as we want.This time instead of doing roleplay/cyber sex/virtual sex we both decided to talk a bit and give each other a peep into our personal lifes and take advices from one another on how to make our respective family members come to us and have sex with us.We both love each other and want to be with each other so whats wrong in doing this" "raj I think you dont understand what you are saying , i guess you should sleep now and try to forget all this please for my sake " tears started falling from her eyes I took her hand in mine and said "mom dont worry I will not force you into it , I respect your decision " "and whenever I feel like watching you naked Ill just call you online", I added jokingly she kissed me on my forehead and went to her room as she went away and I lied down on the bed to sleep all I could think about was my mosm virtual personality and how I wanted her to be similarly in reality also.I guess she was also unable to sleep and was thinking about me that can be the only reason for her to send me an sms that read "son your mom wants you badly dont think aginst that but am just waiting for the right time and when time arrives you'll know yourself" to this I replied "mom I was just wondering if the right time is upon us and we are just too busy or afraid or realise about it" her sms back "son you are real impatient to get your patient and youll enjoy the fruits :)" my reply "mom i cant take my mind of that awesome chat we had today morning...where is that hot n horny mom" "son that hot n horny mom is in next room anyways all your dreams will come true tomorrow evening after you come back from office" "u sure mommy , but what should i do now when i desperately want you and want to see you naked in front of me" "lol dont be so impatient hun and as per ur wishes of seeing me impatient then you just need to check out your computer once love hornymom4u and btw son you are awesome " "fuck mom you got your naked pics on my computer and i didnt realised till now..anyways love you and sleep tight heres waiting for tomorrow evening" and I started searching my computer for her pics...

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