Sedating the triple warmer meridian

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Sedating the triple warmer meridian

Spleen meridian is to do with our immune system, so the more stressed we are (the more reactive Triple Warmer is), the sicker we can become.

And that makes complete sense; when we are stressed, we have a higher chance of getting sick.

Acu-points can be 'empty' - If an acu-point has too little energy (as a result of others being full), it is empty.

Pressure Application Technique - You want to tonify, which means to fill and strengthen it.

Watch the video below for the Triple Warmer Meridian Technique.Use sustained pressure with thumb or fingertip to the level of resistance, and hold it until it changes (3-4 minutes).Each meridian has its own function, but the meridian most associated with stress is called Triple Warmer (also known as Triple Burner, Triple Heater and Sanjiao).Its job is to keep you safe, even at the sacrifice of other bodily functions.The most vulnerable meridian to the over-action of Triple Warmer is the Spleen meridian.

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Trace around the back of the ears to the back of the shoulders (we hold a lot of stress here). Finish off with slight pressure, dragging your hands off your shoulders and shaking them off.

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