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Seasonaldating com

If you recently started dating someone and things start to cool off come warmer weather, “It’s not you, it’s me” may take on a whole new meaning.The important thing is to prepare yourself mentally and be able to move on in a healthy way.Maybe it’s the excessive holiday cheer that’s a big influence.Whatever the biological or psychological influences, it doesn’t look like seasonal relationships are going away.(Business — One study shows that physical coldness increases the need for psychological warmth, yielding the need for romance and sex.

(The Atlantic) — Facebook data shows that people are more likely to change their relationship status to “single” during summer months.The executives got curious and decided to survey their female subscribers to get more insights.What they learned was surprising to me: Many women stated that they draw more admirers during cold weather only to be dumped and left heart-broken come spring time.I’m married but couldn’t help but wonder what this is all about…Woo Plus (a dating app for plus-size women) noticed a 30% surge in male subscribers during November.

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lists 14 symptoms of Seasonal Dating Disorder that can help you determine if you have SDD.