Role of women dating in nigerian culture united states dating online

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Role of women dating in nigerian culture

Among the Igbos, the period of courtship comprises the first meeting, other meetings of the two people concerned, the mutual inquiries conducted by both extended families and the state of friendship leading into the actual celebration of the marriage.If by 'Love' Basden means mere sentimental or emotional feeling which sooner or later ebbs away with time, or the number of years of living together, then he may be tight to say that the Igbo husband and wife do not love each other.Basden here makes an interesting observation: "The word 'Love' according to the European interpretation is not found in the Igbo vocabulary".And in his other book on the Igbo he continues : "The nearest approach to the idea is ifu nanya.- that is, 'to look in the eye' in a favourable manner".This is because the word 'love',, like 'justice' is subject to many bewildering and often contradictory interpretations or connotations.

The practice of a boy marching up and down the town with a girl did not exist, although it is coming in gradually today.In his book ‘Society must be defended’, written in 1976, Michel Foucault speaks about historical revisionism, hinting to a an earlier statement made by Winston Churchill who said that “History is written by the victors”. A significant amount of historical narrative is still being written by those with the most power.Anybody who has the misfortune of having to define love finds himself in a great difficulty.They accept completely the saying that: "Marriage, the happiest bond of love might be, if hearts were only joined, when hearts agree".Love is the sum total of the physical, psychological, economical, social and moral attraction which exercises a magnetic influence on the young man and the young lady, on the one hand and on their extended families on the other.

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Here our purpose is not to discuss love and love stories such as are found in many novels today.