Questions to ask at a speed dating event

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Questions to ask at a speed dating event

And they’re a means of advancing your relationships as sources of direct business or of referrals. Typically, I don’t use these questions as openers but rather I’ll weave them into the conversation having kicked it off with an exchange of pleasantries. We can learn a lot about another person’s approach to networking, where they go to network and how they network when they get there.

And again, it also gives the person a chance to talk about the “great” things they have coming down the pipeline and what they are planning for.

What’s more, you might know someone else who can help. You will have more success in closing that business if you focus on building rapport and then schedule a follow-up appointment that starts the sales process.

It’s so easy to say to the person, “I’ve enjoyed talking to you (person’s name) and I’d be happy to help you with (whatever your business solution is).

Such questions aren’t necessarily bad and I’m not saying don’t ask them, but it really doesn’t leave you much room to maneuver after you’ve both have answered them.

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” Or “When would be a convenient time to call you to fix up a meeting?