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Groups least likely to marry out include Chinese and South Asians.A couple of trends suggest the overall growth rate will move up in future, regardless of ethnicities involved.Nearly 80 per cent of Japanese “marry out,” as sociologists put it.

Last month, Statistics Canada released its latest numbers on couples who cross racial or ethnic lines, revealing surprising and continued growth.Due to my current residence in the UK and not in the States, sources would have to be via internet or perhaps volumes that might be purchased online? Whether by necessity or choice, our history is marked by the coming together of different groups and races to produce something new: European and Aboriginal, English and French, old stock and immigrant.American research tends to focus solely on marriages, ignoring the prevalence of common-law relationships.When all couples are considered, Canadian figures are substantially above those in the U. As for public attitudes, last year, a Gallup Poll announced that American approval of black-white marriage hit an all-time high of 87 per cent, up from four per cent in 1958. “There is probably no better index of racial and cultural integration than intermarriage,” Bibby writes.

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Yet Canadian sociologist Reginald Bibby points out that Canadian acceptance rates have long outstripped those in the U. A 2007 poll, for example, showed 92 per cent of Canadians approved of mixed marriages at a time when U. And Canada leads the pack in both performance and perspective.

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