Pulse not updating

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Pulse not updating

• New CPR needed alert functionality, including the ability to indicate response intention and listen to dispatch audio upon activation.• Active incident map pins are now red, with some icon revisions.• New map option to suppress the display of recent incidents (gray pins).• AEDs near each other now gather together into clusters to make viewing the map easier at different zoom levels.• Map preferences (map type, traffic, show AEDs, etc.) now persist between sessions.• Expanded AED detail box for displaying colocated Naloxone (e.g., Narcan®) and Epinephrine (e.g., Epi Pen®), along with Bleeding Control Kits.• New AED icons including “ ” badge to indicate colocated items are present.• Verified Responder enhancements (for agency assigned personnel) including a new virtual ID. Some that you put in the app and then somewhere where other people can make custom tones.

Next, you should have accounts, so that people can save calls, and have alerts for specific stations and departments.

Pulse Point Respond empowers individuals, within connected communities, with the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of cardiac arrest.

Users who have indicated they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR.

The application uses location-based services to alert trained individuals in the immediate vicinity of the need for CPR.

I could get alerted for something across town yet say a car accident down the street from me doesn’t alert me, I do t quite get that one.

For more information, visit pulsepoint.org, contact us at [email protected], or join the conversation at Facebook and Twitter.

Pulse Point is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation. Although we are working hard to make public safety agencies aware of Pulse Point, you can definitely help by expressing interest to your local fire chief, EMS official, and elected officials such as your mayor, council member or supervisor.

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest is not just a job for emergency responders but rather a community-based issue that requires a community-based response.” – International Association of Fire Chiefs “In no other medical situation is there such a vital reliance on the community.” You know the difference early CPR and defibrillation can make in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event. Yet only 11% say they’ve used CPR in an actual emergency—that’s a number we can increase together.

When that life=threatening call comes in emergency responders will be ready.

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A simple note, phone call or public meeting comment would ensure that they are aware of Pulse Point.

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