Producer of the dating game

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Producer of the dating game

You were saved by a nameless boy who magically disappeared, thus leaving you clueless and the memory of it haunted you for 22 years.As you’re all grown up being the producer of a dying TV show, you have to find a “superstar” for the season finale of your show.

There are 4 “anime boys” from various backgrounds and personalities to choose from.You will be given scenarios and make decisions which will lead you into different storylines.It may sound cliche, but hey, tell it to the 4,000,000 daily players.It conveys a message that men of the underclass are undatable.” I downloaded the game and played it, for the sake of research.It begins with a memory of a car accident when the main character (me) was five years old — I was saved by a nameless boy who disappeared, and whose memory has haunted me for 22 years.

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To the point where some women actually spent their savings to rent a gigantic digital billboard in Shenzhen to send wishes to their virtual boyfriend, Li Zeyan, on the 13th of January. We bought this with your black card, so don’t be surprised!

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