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Polich updating p300

More specifically, the P300 is thought to reflect processes involved in stimulus evaluation or categorization.

These early studies encouraged the use of ERP methods to study cognition and provided a foundation for the extensive work on the P300 in the decades that followed.The P300 (P3) wave is an event related potential (ERP) component elicited in the process of decision making.It is considered to be an endogenous potential, as its occurrence links not to the physical attributes of a stimulus, but to a person's reaction to it.When examining evoked potentials to these stimuli (i.e., ERPs), Chapman and Bragdon found that both the numbers and the flashes elicited the expected sensory responses (e.g., visual N1 components), and that the amplitude of these responses varied in an expected fashion with the intensity of the stimuli.They also found that the ERP responses to the numbers, but not to the light flashes, contained a large positivity that peaked around 300 ms after the stimulus appeared.

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The second cue type had probabilities that were the reverse of the first.

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