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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Religion / Benny Hinn Dating Paula White? (7496 Views) Benny Hinn & Pat Robertson, The False Prophets Of The U.S 2012 Election / Benny Hinn And His Wife Get Back Together / Benny Hinn On Emmanuel Tv (2) (3) (4) I know this is gossip and I am breaking one of my own rules on trying to avoid focusing on personal relationships or morality per se of these televangelists/prosperity"gospel" people unless context requires it.He added that the million deficit is not a large amount and that God could surely provide. From Televangelist Benny Hinn is asking his prayer partners to donate million to his ministry because of financial difficulties. when 90 percent of the fruits goes bad, i sayeth to thee, burn the damn tree!! does it make any sense to your logic brain or does it make sense to cut off the whole disciples. Whether you find only 2 in every million, what matters and is true is that there are some (few though they are) that are true Christians. for let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls! He pointed out, however, that some of his vendors "are asking for their money. Secondly, think about the souls that would not hear the gospel. In a message in his website, Hinn said his ministry accumulated the million deficit in the last few months because of the poor economy, which translated to fewer offerings in some of his crusades in different parts of the world. @^^^Maybe he should curb his high life lifestyle first Downsizing or downgrading his 10 million dollars mansion to service the million deficit could be a start [flash=480,385] https:// from Hinn to TD Jakes and his pervert son to oyakilome to catholic priests molesting the young boys *exhales*. The Hinns, Whites, etc all represent the money-based side of Christianity and you will see people like the OP on theis thread who are Christians yet do not support these "criminals in the pulpits".

The American rag National Enquirer reported on a romantic trip to Rome with pictures.(2012) Founder, Benny Hinn Ministries, Dallas, TX Over 30 years of preaching face-to-face and through TV to more than a billion people with hundreds of millions coming to salvation in Jesus.Millions attend his Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades each year Hosts daily TV show, UNEXPECTED NEWS Earlier this month, Pastor Benny and his wife, Suzanne, officially announced that they were reconciling after being divorced for almost two years.They have been very kind in helping us and standing with us, but the time has come for this deficit to be taken care of so that I can go on preaching the Gospel without pressure."He then asked his prayer partners to sow a seed into his ministry so that the gospel would continue to be preached."Think about the impact, the negative impact it would have If I said, 'OK, I cannot travel anymore. He cited one crusade in Jakarta, Indonesia recently where his ministry lost money "because the people could not give."Hinn, who built his ministry through massive healing crusades and TV shows, said Benny Hinn Ministries has cut down on staff and expenses amounting to million since 2008. Your assertion is like saying "because there are very many love-peddlers on earth, all women "on earth" are love peddlers - would you state this? you only knew me, I come into contact with different Christians everyday, not one of them lives close to an exemplary life and they all go to these churches, i'm even living with a christian drunk so i know what I'm talking about. He added that the million deficit is not a large amount and that God could surely provide. This is not a "us versus them" thing where we support Christians because we are christians (I personally am ashamed of much of what I read here about so called Christians) but just the truthno impurity, so they went on holiday, rented a room and slept side by side and benny inn dint enter the place, is that what they are saying? but they are adult so rock on pastors, anoiting jam anointing!

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