Onvalidatingpassword override Yahoo pk dating

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Onvalidatingpassword override

I have created succesfully the custom membership provider, but when i try to use it in the i get the error Could not load type My Custom Membership Provider.I have searched information in google, and i found that the unit must be installed in the App_Code folder, but i'm getting the same error.I have a Firebird 2.0.3 program (with Delphi RAD) and I am just trying to get it to use proper ASP. When I run aspnet_to set up the database, it runs into this issue and dies. Thanks, Mark Bentley Hi Mark, I don't use those databases so I don't know what a solution might be. As long as you have the December 2007 update installed there is the source code to the providers and aspnet_regdb, does that help ? Backup procedure for Delphi/Paradox or Delphi/Interbase 5. Link to sourcecode Daniel Hi ericguo, Can you upload the code as a Code LIbrary, and describe in the body of the page how it is used and put the sample?That way we will be able to grant you some Telerik points.

There are 3 columns in aspnet_Membership that are longer Failed Password Attempt-Window Start Failed Password Answer-Attempt Count Failed Password Answer-Attempt Window Start Does anyone have a solution for this?

Note: If you are not familiar with the membership features of ASP.

NET, see Introduction to Membership before continuing.

I have not seen anything about it in the documentation.

Tha problem is that i have to use my own tables, not the default ASPNET_XXXX, because tha maintenance is done also in my win32 application and the roles, users, menu options are done with my own structure.

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Hello, i'm trying to inherit from Membershipprovider to create a new class and validate against Interbase. Membership User Collection; override; I get an error that the declaration differs from the previous declaration, but i think that both are the same. -- Codegear only provides blackfish SQL as far as i know, and i need to validate the user in my own interbase database tables. The Code Gear providers work with Blackfish, Interbase and Sql Server.

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