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We fucked around with a few couples until I realized about myself what I'd suspected; I'm a "watcher." I'd rather she have sex with other guys than be a participant.My wife joked, "You're really a 'cuckold.'" I travel during most work-weeks but am home Friday afternoons through Sunday. It's okay." They struck up a conversation in which she learned he was single and lived in the condo within walking distance of the market.This was golden for a year or two until women started using it for ego gratification, creating accounts to get lots of virtual praise from guys who approve of their looks, with no intention of hooking up or ever dating.The most interesting part of Tinder was that horny women looking for a one night stand called it "short term dating" so they didn't feel slutty.That Thursday night she was twirling his business card in her fingers when she phoned my hotel told me what happened.

You can match preferences with a filter and reading her profile lets you know she doesn't have rocks in her head, and if there's interest you can message or chat to check out the chemistry and figure out how to get together.Talking to girls in the grocery store, library, work, coffee shop, stoplight, or anywhere else creates the opportunity for a connection that might pan out later.When you turn this same skill towards the Internet, you have the advantage of being able to quickly filter out all the randomness, invested time that might go nowhere, and flakejobs. Tinder brought mainstream consciousness to the ease of casual hookups, simplifying internet sex dating to a swipe on your phone.The following Wednesday, she called my cell phone as she stood at the perimeter of the guy's condo and left a message, "I may not be home tonight. That dress reaches to mid thigh and has wide body-length slits at each side, secured by shoe-lace like ties, revealing a lot of skin. Her largest until now was the first guy she fucked, but he wasn't nine inches.Umm, well, I guess you know why." She clicked off, took the elevator to his floor and knocked on his door. Because she's tall, she usually wears flats so as not to stand taller than most guys. Her fist sensed his hot lava rocketing through his staff. And, of course at four and half inches, I don't count; I'm not even close to most guys she has fucked.

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