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Back in 2014, a hand-written list of people who were supposedly Lindsay's former lovers was revealed.The list was never meant to be made public and was written as a part of a rehab activity.The couple dated back when Wilmer was only 24 and Lindsay was 17.It did not matter that when the two started to date, Lindsay was technically underage., however, he denies anything actually ever happened between the two.He announced that he is unsure why his name was on that list.The actress has been involved in many relationships with many different people throughout her career.

When he reengaged in the Hollywood party lifestyle and was out in public, he was spotted with Lindsay.Being in the public eye can make it hard to maintain a private life— who you surround yourself with or who you are dating is bound to make it to the media.Just like most celebrities, Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of relationships that were made public.Many people were shocked when this list came out because of some of the names that were presented on this list.Some of those who found their name on the list denied it, while some came forward with the truth.

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