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Jordan hinson and colin ferguson dating

“That is a great episode,” says Eureka’s leading man Colin Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Carter.

In Jack’s case, however, he is still sheriff, and in the season 4.5 opener “Liftoff,” our hero is faced with yet another tricky situation when Fargo and Zane Donovan accidentally launch themselves into Earth orbit onboard an old space capsule with a limited supply of oxygen. Marshall Jack Carter had no idea just how much his life would forever change when, five years ago, he and his teenage daughter Zoe stumbled upon the little town of Eureka.He has since had to deal with freak climate changes, residents spontaneously combusting, rampaging flying robots and all manner of other potentially catastrophic mishaps not always but usually connected to one of the geniuses at the local think-tank Global Dynamics. Douglas Fargo, and Deputy Jo Lupo were sent back in time against their will to 1947 and the founding of Eureka.It’s clear that Holly and Fargo are going to be friends and it further fleshes out both those characters.” Something happens to Allison in “Reprise” that will shock not only viewers but also eventually Carter and the rest of Eureka.The sheriff gets an inkling that she might be hiding something, albeit unknowingly, in the next episode, “Glimpse.” In what way does that impact the relationship between the two?

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Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) has finally come to the boil and the two are about to tie the knot? It turns out that the ceremony is, in fact, for Deputy Andy and Jack’s smarthouse S. “Allison has been burned a couple of times, plus she has two children, while Jack is divorced and has a daughter of his own.

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