Google maps latitude real time updating

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Google maps latitude real time updating

Platforms: Web Did you know that Bing Maps is just as old as Google?Yep, the Microsoft-owned map service was originally known as Map Point before taking on its more catchy name.It’s packed with plenty of features, including a traffic overlay and 3D views.For you more traditional mappers out there, or people working in town planning, it has the full ordinance survey map of the UK, too.You can even track other Waze users’ and your friends’ locations in real time.Bear in mind that it’s designed more for drivers than pedestrians looking to get around a city.

It’s a crucial companion when you’re out in nature, relying on highly detailed topography maps from various established sources like USTopo, Open Cycle Maps, and even nautical maps from the NOAA RNC (should you get shipwrecked or something).The app keeps an up-to-date database of all public transit routes in its supported cities, showing prices and alerts, and letting you keep a list of your favorite locations to travel to.Platforms: Android, i OS, Web Now this is a nice one.Some countries, like China, run a pretty tight ship when it comes to regulation, making Google Maps over there as good as useless, or maybe you just don’t want Google algorithms profiting off your data.Whatever your reasons, we won’t pry, and instead treat you to the best map apps that aren’t prefaced with “Google.”Platforms: Android, i OSOne of the best features of this robust open-source navigation app is the presence of offline maps, which ensures that wherever you are in the world – no matter your signal – you’ll be able to find your way.

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Platforms: Android, i OS, Web Waze is a community-driven map service that is fast to navigate and very intuitive.

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