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All the more reason for companies to adopt policies prohibiting overboarding.Two major proxy advisers have lent their support to Barrick Gold as it waits for Acacia Mining’s shareholders to vote on its takeover bid.“In essence, Acacia’s existence as a separately listed and managed enterprise is viewed as preclusive by the regulatory entities holding sway over the company’s economic viability,” said advisers at Glass Lewis.Acacia does not really have any options other than to accept Barrick’s offer, which would hopefully let work resume, they added.In recent days, there has been extensive media attention (here and here) focused on the fact that plaintiffs’ lawyers seeking to exploit the options backdating scandal are filing shareholders’ derivative suits in preference to securities fraud class action lawsuits.Indeed, running tally of options backdating lawsuits (here) shows that only 16 companies have been named in securities fraud lawsuits, but over 70 companies have been named as nominal defendants in shareholders’ derivative lawsuits.Read more: Odey hedge fund backs Barrick Gold takeover of Acacia Mining A year later Tanzania arrested three Acacia employees, holding them without trial or bail.

To name but a few of the defenses and limitations: : For many of the companies involved in the backdating scandal, the period during which the alleged misdating took place covers a large swath of time, in some cases going back to the early or mid 90’s.Many institutions heed these recommendations, although a recent blog points out that even when directors fail to get a majority vote, they generally remain on their boards, even at companies with majority voting policies.Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager, cast votes against 168 overboarded directors during this year’s proxy season, reported a recent article on overboarding in report cited a study by Jeremy Kress of the University of Michigan showing that directors’ overcommitment can cause problems for public companies–especially large, complex financial institutions.Barrick Gold, which is already its largest shareholder with nearly 34 per cent, has negotiated a way out of the crisis.But Magufuli has said the deal is off if Acacia is a co-signer.

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