Gd and sohee dating

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Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating lives.

When Wonder Girls debuted, G-Dragon collaborated with member Sohee on performances.

Since 2010, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been involved in not one, but several dating scandals.

On multiple occasions, the two have been spotted together on what appear to be dates.

This rumor surfaced shortly after Sulli had broken up with her ex-boyfriend of three years, Choiza, and she made everyone curious by uploading pictures of herself with who seems to be G-Dragon’s manager.

So when a picture of G-Dragon and Sulli, along with Sulli’s good friends Gain and Goo Hara, taken at an amusement park went viral, fans began to believe the two are secretly dating.

K-Pop idols are constantly battling scandals, especially dating ones, as such controversies could make or break their reputations.

Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up.

Girls’ Generation, as a group, had many members become involved in romantic relationships over the years.

With his Instagram posts hinting at what seems definitely more than a regular friendship though, fans and netizens believe there was something between the two.

Early 2017, G-Dragon became involved in a dating scandal with former f(x)‘s Sulli, over some pictures that seemingly captured what is a “couple’s ring” on the stars’ fingers.

From locations in Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Paris, they’ve been seen hugging and publicly displaying affection.

By 2014, Dispatch released articles claiming these two Still, well into 2016, fans continued to put together a list of Instagram posts that seemed to hint at their relationship, especially because G-Dragon and Taeyeon are both avid social media users and aren’t quite the shyest to secretly displaying affection on Instagram.

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We recently heard about this and asked G-Dragon ourselves. G-Dragon and Sulli both got that ring from a mutual friend of theirs.” — YG Entertainment The most recent dating scandal involving G-Dragon is with former After School‘s Jooyeon.