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Here, our favorite funny Instagram accounts you should be following now—you’re welcome. As they go through the Ògetting-to-know-youÓ motions, he realizes that she is actually blind, so starts doing all sorts of crazy things.Or they were performed by Dave Chappelle, who Talib Kweli brought on board to imitate Nelson Mandela. Dre, (1993) This was a lot of people’s introduction to the anything-is-possible world of rap skits. Who could forget the digs at Compton’s biggest hater, Tim Dog, with a few shots thrown at Luke for good measure? “Getting Ass, Getting Ass”: Heltah Skeltah, (1996) Though far from happy-go-lucky, Ruck and Rock always did a good job of straddling the line between hard-as-a-rock and comedic.As you read on, you’ll realize that three out of the 10 skits collected here are Wu-Tang related. Posing as a contestant on a ‘hood version of The 20,000 Pyramid, The D. This skit is pretty funny throughout; Rock initially chastises Ruck for calling a girl (‘What you think you’re a player now, bitch-ass nigga? “General Hospital”: Kool Keith, (1996) Posing as an alien gynecologist–one of his many personas–Kool Keith attempts unsuccessfully to be a surgeon in this typically weird skit. “Dating Game”: Handsome Boy Modeling School, with rappers as contestants.Some of those bits have stood the test of time and become classics, while others have become memorable because they were so ill-conceived.(There's also the matter of taste—one person's all-time great is another's trash.) In no particular order, here are 12 of the very best sketches to ever air on They're generally stiff, dull, and not funny, so the show has to rely on tired tricks to get through those episodes—which usually includes dressing the manly jock in women's clothes.has aired thousands of sketches during its 40-plus years on the air.It's hard work turning out 90 minutes of live, original comedy, and the quality is naturally going to vary.

Some artists incorporate skits right into the song itself like Wu-Tang’s classic “Yo Meth, where my Killer Tape At?

You might also be asking, what does a comedic duo from Hollywood’s Golden Age have to do with one of America’s most popular sports? However, the legendary comedy duo’s vast library of brilliance does not end with a befuddled Lou desperately attempting to learn the names of the St.

Louis Wolves ballclub, here is the Top 10 Abbott and Costello skits 10.)with a slight variation.

Believing his friend, Lou goes back to his work as Bud leaves the room, only for the same event to happen again, and again.

During the summer, Instagram feeds have a tendency to become slightly annoying—we get it, you’re all on fabulous vacations along the Mediterranean.

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(This skit is only as funny as the guy you have doing the stupid things) Finally she tells him that sheÕs only blind in one eye.