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And I am not some online-supermodel-goddess; I am 36 and looking for something serious, and pretty clear about that in my self-description. We split the bill, and I went looking for steak frites alone..

his French friends were on Tinder for one reason: “to meet unique people.” He emphasized the open-mindedness of the French, and how an app like Tinder complements their intrinsic desire to have a wide range of friends … He was such a soulful, beautiful person that I fell in love with him instantly — as a friend.

“That,” he said, actually twisting his wedding band, “will take much too long.” The second married Frenchman to ask me on a date was the owner of the chicken rotisserie stand across the street from my apartment. From that point on, I avoided French men — not exactly an easy feat when you’re living on their turf.

Before escaping to Europe, I experienced two weeks of Tinder in New York (so I am no expert), but it was much more laborious.

I offered a detailed summarization of the six months with my last boyfriend. They held open doors and cooked galettes only on specially made pans. He had studied filmmaking at NYU and claimed he had investigated our American dating rituals.

He, like many French people I discussed the matter with, was fascinated and repulsed by the American idea of the what-are-we conversation as the true commencement of a relationship.

As if the French haven't already mastered the art of cooking, entertaining, skincare, and balancing work with life, it turns out they have a knack for dating, too.

It should come as no surprise that residents of what is arguably the most romantic destination in the world know how to woo one another.

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He was very good at sex, an act that was nearly always precipitated by the presentation of a small box of pastries, usually eclairs.

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