Dating special needs kids

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Among the research that does exist, it is often diagnosis-specific.

For example, Johnston and Mash (2005) concluded that the presence of a child with ADHD results in increased problems with family and marital functioning (hello!

I have learned so much more because of my personal—not professional—experience.

As a psychologist, I have to watch my tendency to practice psychology at home.

When my social worker told me that she'd found a little boy they thought would be a good fit for my family, the social worker didn’t describe my son accurately.

We were told that he had no behavioral problems or significant mental health symptoms.

My knowledge and understanding of what it's like to parent a SN was previously restricted to textbooks, journal articles, and ultimately working with these parents as their therapist.

In other words, I try not to treat my kids like my clients!

The problem, however, is that my six-year old son has pronounced special emotional needs and the roller-coaster ride that is each day at home practically begs for a psychological intervention.

On the other hand, it can be extremely draining to meet emotional needs which—I’ll be honest—often feel bottomless.

What’s more, many times when I go out of my way to please him or meet a need, he ends up angry or tearful, and I seem to fail him.

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To begin, there is no strict or clear definition of what it means for a child to have “special needs.” Many people think of special needs as necessarily involving a serious or chronic medical condition.