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The purpose of the Trail Plan is to provide a blueprint for the development of trails, access points, and amenities to support recreational and ...Read more about trails in the Mc Kay Forest Mc Kay Community Forest web page Humboldt County is considering amendments to the Humboldt County Zoning Ordinance for the areas outside the Coastal Zone to implement the 2017 Humboldt County General Plan.In order to increase public understanding the review of the amendments have been divided into smaller pieces as follows: &nbs...

The Grant Solicitation and link to the Online Application Po...

A series of public workshops to discuss these proposed changes will be h...

Read more about proposed GPU changes The voters of Humboldt County in November renewed a measure that provides locally controlled funding for public safety and essential services.

Read more about Code Enforcement Planning & Building web page Industry around the Humboldt Bay area is changing, resulting in large amounts of vacant industrial land.

Humboldt County is studying how to re-use this land to provide a diverse mix of business and industry. Read more about potential zoning changes Local Coastal Plan Update web page The Humboldt County Public Works today released the draft Mc Kay Community Forest Trail Plan for public review.

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Now, the citizen group that advises the Board of Supervisors on these funds is looking for projects that make Hu... Read more about the county keeping BLM lands open County Parks & Trails web page If you have a great idea that could promote local business growth or job creation, consider applying for a grant award through the Humboldt County Headwaters Grant Fund. Read more about the Headwaters Grant Fun Headwaters Grant Fund web page If you are interested in improving public safety in Humboldt County, consider applying to serve on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Measure Z Expenditures.