Dating for indian guys

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Dating for indian guys

I would walk in with my buddies, (all 5'11 and up white guys) and she would view me as more as one of their little sidekicks rather than a legit partner/companion.

And since then I kinda noticed the same attitude with other girls I talked to.

We’ve shouted for days into the dustbin about the dangerous stalking-as-courtship, no-means-just-hard-to-get clichés.“He left with a smile.”Yet another says a man came up to her and said her aura was magnetic, but “It wasn’t a pick-up line. They were charmed, flattered, and remembered the incidents long after they happened, for a few reasons.The conversation seemed friendly, the compliments sincere.One time after getting put in the friend zone, I asked her why it didn't work for her.She said it was nothing against me, but she was more attracted to the taller guys.

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