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Of course since he's up against chief engineer Randolph Scott, you know how this is going to come out.

Randy as was the case in a lot of his westerns has two girls to choose from, railroad brat Nancy Olson and Quaker doctor Jane Wyatt.

A employee was fired due to failing a random alchohol test but every employee that have been Caucasian were not terminated and only had to a program to maintain their job..

I really think Wyatt was a bit ridiculous pushing her pacifist beliefs in the middle of the Indian attack at the climax.

On the plus side that Indian attack is one of the best I've ever seen in a western and you will be on the edge of your seat during the final shootout between Randolph Scott and Victor Jory.

The fear of being terminated for any little infraction was a constant threat. Management was horrible, no proper training, and coworkers were just bitter.

Always having to look over my shoulder because coworkers were always ready to throw me under the bus for anything and everything.

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Your under paid for the constant on-call, sleep deprived, work life imbalance, family disfunction, work harassment, treatment like a dog, and truly not knowing if you'll be fired tomorrow. What other industry has Can insurance (you have to pay for insurance in case you're fired? Some of the contracts I see from other transportation unions in the economy make RR look foolish.

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