Dating back to the precambrian era updating address on provisional driving license

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Dating back to the precambrian era

Surrounding particles began to coalesce by gravity into larger lumps, or planetesimals, which continued to aggregate into planets.

"Left-over" material formed asteroids and comets, like asteroid Ida, above right.

The spacecraft was about 10,500 kilometers (6,500 miles) from the asteroid.

The sun formed within such a cloud of gas and dust, shrinking in on itself by gravitational compaction until it began to undergo nuclear fusion and give off light and heat.

); Nebula M16 photo courtesy of NASA, ESA, STSc I, J.

Visible tangible life in the form of trilobites and other animals appeared for the first time in Cambrian.

During Hadean time, the Solar System was forming, probably within a large cloud of gas and dust around the sun, called an accretion disc.

The relative abundance of heavier elements in the Solar System suggests that this gas and dust was derived from a supernova, or supernovas — the explosion of an old, massive star.

Stromatolites have been found as fossils in early Archean rocks of South Africa and western Australia.

Because collisions between large planetesimals release a lot of heat, the Earth and other planets would have been molten at the beginning of their histories.

Solidification of the molten material into rock happened as the Earth cooled.

Once solid rock formed on the Earth, its geological history began.

This most likely happened prior to 3.8 billion years, but hard evidence for this is lacking.

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Also during this time, the Earth's crust cooled enough that rocks and continental plates began to form.

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