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Ketz's film centres on the preparations and marriage of a new Thai bride, 32 year Kae to her proposed new Danish husband, a 38 giant of a man who succumbed to depression and loneliness after a previous failed marriage in Denmark.

The man's mother, in the film asks 'I can't believe why you still cannot manage to find a girl'.

'Love on Delivery' centres on the growing network on Thai women who have married Danish men in a Danish community where nearly 600 Thai brides live with their Danish husbands in a remote region in the West of Denmark near the North sea.

When one of the right-wing nut-cases from the Danish People’s Party recently went on a rant about how most foreigners in Denmark were criminals, my friends and I were furious.

Here we were, foreigners, and we were clearly not getting our cut of the criminal millions being made on the streets of Copenhagen.

The Dane, we are told, before meeting his Thai bride took a daily cocktail of anti depressants and openly admits to his mother that 'nothing has ever worked out' for him.

In the film, which is almost like a fictional tale, Kae eventually agrees to marry the Danish man in Denmark and the blonde 38 year old giant tells the viewers 'the first weekend spent with Kae was the best time of my entire life.' In making 'Love on Delivery' Ketz employed the services of an anthropologist, Sine Plambech to study Thai communities in Denmark and their dynamics and confidently deals with criticism that his film is on dangerous ground portraying the Thai Danish marriages and relationships based on economic and emotional needs as a success; 'There was a lot of prejudice about these men being abusive', the filmmaker admits.

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