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But she does have some talents: she is an excellent cook and seamstress, and is great at getting on people’s nerves. “Sleeping Beauty” in the staging of the Puppet Theatre is a play for children who think that they are already grownups and for adults who understand that essentially they are still children.

Then one day she receives a love letter, passionate and serious, and Sonja’s heart is aflame. One of Chekhov’s most famous works, this classic play distils the eternal themes of joy and sorrow through bitter-sweet moments in ordinary life. Following the research about objects as a narrative element, the authors of this show tried to dramatize universal history from their own perspective, creating an audiovisual journey through some of the events that constitute the development of humanity.

There is a woman and a man, who have a complicated relationship.

Confused, they stand on a stage, surrounded by clothes.

The fact that society has no intention to examine its medical history scares, as xenophobia, racism and violence raise their heads.

Against the backdrop of the disastrous fall of morality, cynicism, striving for wealth and the increasing power of money the man is gradually destructing.

At the verge of nonexistence, her feelings, suffering, passions, irrationality all come back naturally.Little does she realize that the letter was written by the evil friend Ada. Until now, the world-famous story simply sparked associations with the ballet by P. Exploring the glowering landscape of frustrated hopes, a meaningless job and a wasted life, the play echoes the sentiments of many people today. A unique class of history, a brief and unfinished story, through object manipulation, choreographic actions and shadows projection.Suspend, surprise and mesmerize you with musical mastery and hilarious visual comedy.The performance was commissioned by YARAT Centre for the opening of the 3rd International M. In 2018, he has been appointed as the artistic director of the M. But officers at the police station are determined to carry on with a very emotional interrogation, threaten to plant drugs in the man’s pocket or make him a suspect in decades-old cold cases.A typical situation from crime reports and detective stories...

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While they search the earth for love, they switch roles and flit through genres, adopt masks and manipulated puppets. Performed as a humorous pantomime, children and adults are delighted by the lovely scenery, cheerful music, expressive marionettes made of the wood by means of traditional techniques and the masterly peppering skill of the actress who adroitly handles 21 marionettes.

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