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Online has contacted representatives for Kaia and Fenton for comment.The 16-year-old American model, Kaia Gerber, apparently met Fenton through her mum Cindy who became friends with Patsy after she left Eastenders and relocated her family to LA in 2014, The Sun reports.Under Fenty, 16 neighborhood and school playgrounds were opened and nine play courts and fields were completed.Fenty championed development efforts including renovating libraries, parks and recreation centers.He has also embarked on a career as a paid speaker, part-time college professor, adviser for the state and local government practice of an information technology consulting firm.

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Under Fenty, Lanier added police officers to the streets and expanded community policing initiatives, for example, "beefing up" the policy of accepting anonymous text message tips from local residents to cut down on potential retaliation.