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Cerberus is a giant three-headed dog that first appears in It's About Time.According to Twilight, Cerberus is responsible for guarding the gates of Tartarus and that, with Cerberus away from Tartarus, the "ancient evil creatures" imprisoned there could escape and destroy Equestria.The name "Bufogren", which is derived from Bufo and grenouille, first appeared in non-MLP fiction, A bugbear appears in the season five episode Slice of Life.It is a large creature with the upper body, arms, and legs of a panda bear and the antennae, wings, and stinger of a bumblebee.He has an elongated dog-like head, with eyes positioned over his nose at the end of his snout.He walks on all fours, with dog-like hind limbs and ape-like forelimbs, and a long monkey-like tail with a hand on its end.

The bugbear is also a character in Gameloft's mobile game, and serves as an enemy boss during the School Raze-based event.Rainbow Dash and Rarity encounter the Bufogren while searching for the missing Amulet of Aurora, and Rarity makes a minty paste out of mint leaves and a tuft of cloud to freshen its breath.In The Last Crusade, Scootaloo's parents keep a bufogren in a cage.My Little Pony Friendship is Magic hosts an array of creatures that have a counterpart in both mythology and fantasy, some of which are far more removed from their realistic counterpart than usual animals.A few creatures, like dragons and Diamond Dogs, have speaking roles and display sapience when interacting with the protagonists.

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He possesses a humanoid upper body with reddish skin, grey hair, a black coat covering his torso, black eyes with yellow pupils, and a lower body and horns resembling that of a black bull.

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