Confidence dating hypnosis

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What can begin as a mild worry can develop into a large chronic fear because of a repetitive avoidance.

This sequence has to finish and be stopped as fast as possible before it gets any worse.

Consciously you will identify that it was just a visualization, but that isn't important - it is the unconscious part of the mind that you need to assure, and it is quite straightforward to do this using hypnosis.

It's just that niggling feeling underneath which cannot always be explained.He can lead you through visualization techniques where you imagine being very calm and confident in the company of women.When you wake up, your unconscious mind will think that this really occurred.Confidence levels faintly alter from one day to the next, and shift over time. You may have some success with the opposite sex for a short period, and your confidence levels begin to rise, only to have a poor experience and be bumped straight back down.When you have had a certain amount of success, your confidence levels usually rise, producing yet more success.

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