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Over time, some of those will fade away in the public’s memory to be replaced by future accidents.A few will remain, like those on the list from the distant past.Aspects of the Propeller Safety Debate chart Houseboat Propeller Regulation Proposed and Withdrawn by USCG: Analysis by PGIC History of Boat Propeller Safety Mitigating Boat Propeller Injuries & Fatalities Chart 3PO ABYC accident accident investigation accidents accident victims advertisements advertising advocates Afloat airfoil alcohol alloy aluminum amputee Angelopoulos animal detection ANSI Z535.4 Archer Australia autopsy Autotether backup camera balius banana boat BARD Barhanovich baseball bass bass boat bass boats bass fishing Bass Master Bassmaster Classic Bass Pro bass tournament Batchelder bay boat BBC Bean Beautiful but Gone bike ride biomechanics BIRMC bleeding blood Blunt Trauma boat boat accident boat accidents boat builders boating boating industry Boating Safety boat party boat testing Boat US Bob's Machine Shop Boeing Boni Buehler bow bow riding boy Britain Brochtrup Brunswick budget Bull Shoals Burgee Insurance Canada CAN bus Capstone projects Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carla Faul Carl Sagan Carnival Casey Schulman catamaran causes CED CFD Chaparral charities Charlie Hutton chart charter checkoff program child children Chris Lane Cian Williams circle of death Claremore Lake Coast Guard Coast Key Cole collision Computational Fluid Dynamics consolidated warnings Contrapel Coverup Coxe CRESE crime crowdsourcing crowd sourcing cruise Cruise Ship cut-off switch DAN Dardis David Cass debris de Cruz defensive architecture Deondra Scott design Detection development Dick Snyder Disaster Gaming Disaster Mitigation diving DJ Laz Dominica donations drag drag reduction Drake Equation dredge pipe dredging drones drowning durabilty duty duty to warn Egypt ejected Emilio's Mom Emperor engine engineering entrapped excursion expert witness Facebook fail-safe Fedorko Fell Marine financial hazard fines First Responders flipped FLIR flood rescue Florida fob foot throttle Fountaine Pajot free diving fundraiser fund raiser fundraising fund raising funerals FWD Gabby De Souza Get Connected Golden Rule Good Samaritan Google Gowrie Grady White grounding Guy Taylor Halibut Hawaii Hazard helicopter Helimeds Hernandez Hinton history hit and run Horne hostile architecture Hot Foot houseboat Houston human human detection human presence Hurricane Harvey hydrodynamics IBEX image detection image stabilization impact testing implant inboard Indonesia industrial design inflatables Innovation Award inquest insurance interdiction invention inventions investigation Ireland Isle of Wight jack plate Jones Act justice Kali Kali Gorzell Kaw Lake Keaton Howard Kiekhaefer kill cord kill switch kill switch preventable Kirsty Mac Coll Laass labels Lake Bash Lake Powell Lake X lanyard legal license lifecord life flight life jacket Life Savers Limitation of Liability limited liability Lincolnshire Listman loggerhead log strike Mag Blade MAIB Malaysia Malta Mansour map mapping marine life Marion Irving de Cruz Marjie Millar market Mashta Flats Max Thrust Mc Farlin Mc Garrigle Mc Kelvey Mckitrick media medical memorial memorials Mercury Marine mermaid Mermaid Samantha Mexico Meyer Miami New Times Midnight Express Milligan Minchin Minnesota Miracles for Molly Mississippi MOB mobile modeling Molly Moses monitor moral Motor Boat & Yachting Mozambique MP Alert MSC Cruises murder music Navigator NBSAC neural network news news media News Technologies New York New Zealand Nicholas Milligan Nitro Nixon Beach Nixon sandbar NMMA NSBC NSW NSW Maritime obituary OIS Oklahoma OMC open water swimming Operator Presence Detection OSHA outboard Outboard Marine Corporation overboard Padstow paramedics partying patent Pattaya Perez petition PFD PGIC Ponca City pontoon boat Positive ID posters post sale Powerboat & RIB Power Tech prescription drugs Presence privacy probability product liability product performance prop Propelle propeller Propeller Accident Propeller Accident Statistics Propeller Accident Trial Propeller Deflector propeller guard Propeller Guard Information Center Propeller Guards propellers Propeller Safety Propeller Solutions propeller warning Prop Guards protocol PSA Public BARD Public Service Announcement PWC Radio Frequency Identification Ranger Ranger bass boat Recreational Boat Safety Regulation regulations rental rental boat rental boats replacement propellers report reporting Reseach Projects research Research Projects responsibility Rex Chambers RFID RIB right whale Ring Prop risk risk-utility test RNLI Roderick royalty RYA Ryan's Law Safety safety activists Safety Bulletin safety campaign safety hierarchy Safety Propeller Sagan Equation Sail Cat sailing sailing clubs sandbar Santos Schulman Scotland Scott scuba Sea Ray search frequency seats Seattle Mariners sedimentation Semester at Sea Senior Design projects sensors shark attacks Sharm el-Sheikh Shasta Shock Absorber Shock Absorption Shuswap simple tool Skeeter Slip Stream Smart Craft smuggling snorkeler snorkeling Social Media South Florida SPIN Sponsors St.Be sure to bookmark The Best to find us again, any time you are looking for hot fun online.If you are aware of a high profile propeller accident that is not listed here, or feel one should be listed that is not, please contact us.More information on many of the accidents listed here is available from our annual coverage of propeller accidents reported in the media.The young man operating the yacht was later found to have had some drug issues and lacked the proper licenses.The accident received a lot of press in part due to concerns about similar problems with other charter yachts.

Below is a quick list of the accident above by date.With our memories being short lived our list is weighted more toward the present. A few non-recreational accidents were listed due to their extensive coverage in the press.This page makes an effort to individually identify high profile recreational boat propeller accidents in the U. Our list of high profile propeller accidents is obviously heavily loaded with more recent accidents.19 June Henry Owens lost both legs to a boat propeller while transferring from a parasailing boat to a bananna boat near Myrtle Beach.19 July 2018 While not reported as a propeller accident, the Duck Boat accident at Branson Missouri that claimed 17 lives was by far the highest profile boat accident in 2018.

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