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After a few months go by she got really depressed with some family issues and I'm sure more stuff but I don't know exactly what, it all crashed on her though, and before this time she has been on and off religious but never sure about anything, never would go to church and never has been involved in Christianity. the next day I am at work and get a long text from her saying flirting and all this stuff is wrong in gods eyes, and she is sorry but she is deleting all social media and getting rid of her ps4 because its all distractions from god and getting closer to jesus christ.

After a time, the two choirs switch roles, with the fugue beginning again in choir two, this time in reverse order of voices (BTAS). The two choirs are still treated as independent entities, but choir two takes on a distinct character, performing a chorale.

You can't have a normal conversation with her anymore without her bringing it up. to giving up social media, friends, games, anything she enjoyed in life and overnight gave everything up for Jesus.

To an extent where I have many friends that go to church every Sunday, they still act normal, sure they don't swear and stuff but they act like a human being, but she has taken it way to the extreme, she acts like almost a religious robot and I can't explain everything out, but she has taken it way too extreme and the church is the only thing in her life, nothing else matters besides finding a husband and have kids and build their relationship with god.

Time went on and she eventually slowly started to hint at it every once and awhile and then one day she says that she loves me, and wants me to accept jesus into my life to heal my wounds.

I simply told her that I don't ever think I will be into your religion like you are, it's just not for me and I love her but I don't want her ending up with me if its going to make her unhappy in the long run because I am not religious, after that she replied with "Your right" and she stopped texting me from then on.. Husband is the leader and wife is to cook and care for kids and the kids are to love the parents.

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I don't normally like to date or get too involved with a girl but she was something different and special.