Benefits of dating a dancer

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Benefits of dating a dancer

Partner dancing can also decrease loneliness among all age groups, because it’s a goal-oriented social activity that brings like-minded people together.

Ballroom dance can diminish blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, fortify weight-bearing bones, help prevent or slow bone loss related to osteoporosis, lower the risks of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, and promote increased lung capacity.

Ballroom dance can even help sharpen your intellectual and mental abilities.

A New England Journal of Medicine report looked at adults for 21 years, and found that dance was one of the only activities that improved both cardiovascular fitness and reduced the risk of cognitive impairments like dementia.

As your dance technique improves and you feel more at ease with other people, your sense of accomplishment, motivation and confidence will continue to increase. you will notice these new attributes taking root in other areas of your life as well.

Dancing comes naturally to people, and it’s an easy activity for anyone to partake in.

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