Badminton dating

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Badminton dating

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Club secretaries should have received correspondence from the League to progress matters in the interim.

Just be warned though if a shot like that hits you in the head, you’ll walk around looking like you’re being targeted with a sniper rifle for a while! I’m not suggesting you eat a chocolate bar every 30 minutes to make sure you don’t waste away though!

With great power comes great responsibility and with badminton you will develop lightening quick reflexes. To see how much exactly you burn check out this table of stats.

I used to play at college and gave up once I started working.

Just check this clip of Peter Gade and his legendary trick shot. If so, here are 10 reasons why I think you should put down that bowl of ready-made noodles, along with that can of duff beer, and find yourself a local badminton club to join!Badminton is quite simply one of the most awesome sports you can play.There are tournaments all year round, big and small, so have a look around and also get yourself down to the All England if you’re in the UK.Whilst also learning to hit the shuttle at speeds that would even make a red Ferrari blush, and resemble a slug, you will also develop the softest touch.

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The creation of the whatsapp group chat is to facilitate for the meetup events and not to give easy access to contact nos.

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