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Auction dating love bug

"I need you to fuck me like the dirty slut that I am." Overcome by the moment, Jason shocked himself by what he said next. Looking up, he saw her head thrown back and her long, brown hair dangling down behind her back as she supported herself on locked arms against his chest. His cock was now fully buried inside of his mother. Jason slowly pulled his cock back, inch by inch he retreated from his mother's tight, wet pussy."Oh yes, your cock feels so good." Rachel moaned as her son filled her cavity. A soft moan escaped Rachel's lips as her son's cock slid from her dripping pussy.Rachel's hot pussy slid along her son's chest leaving a slick trail behind it.The fresh air of the room hit Jason like a brick in the face as his mother's skirt glided across his face. Jason watched his mother's heaving chest rise and fall, pushing her soft globes against the already tight top.Rachel positioned herself over her son's cock and waited with his tip just barely parting her pussy lips. She looked down at her son in disbelief that she was actually about to fuck one of the neighborhood boys.That she didn't know who it was only made it better.He lapped at her pussy while she moaned, grinding her hips into his face.

All Jason could see was his mother's wet, pink flesh and the small tuft of matted down curls above her pussy.

His tongue darted out and circled her clit, applying more and more pressure until he felt her body tensing up.

Rachel's sweat-soaked thighs clamped down around her son's face as she came.

He pushed the two straps from her shoulders and pulled down to reveal her milky white breasts.

He grabbed onto her breasts in each hand and massaged her as he eased his cock back inside of her.

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