Are ian and anthony dating who is drizzy drake dating

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MTV: What do you guys look for in a girl, Ian and Anthony?

Ian and Anthony: We’re attracted to girls with faces. We haven't, but we don’t think we’d be interested in settling down with her. Who, then, is your (presumably with-face) celebrity crush?

For example, Kalel deleted many of her old Instagram photos, and has not been seen in her dolled-up apartment for a while – and even ditched wearing her wedding ring.

MTV: Speaking of accomplished artists, where did you guys pick up those rap skills? Does your background in dancing have an impact on how well you can play video games? Growing up, Dale wanted to pursue a career in baseball, but an injury led him to try out his luck on stage.A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Dale is also trying his hands at directing and designing.For any aspiring rapper, is definitely your friend. Mari: I've summited Kilimanjaro, ice climbed in Bolivia, I’m a former professional ballerina ... Jovenshire: I used to be a paranormal investigator. MTV: What has been your favorite SMOSH video to exercise your funny muscles in so far?MTV: Which video games are you having the most fun investigating right now? Sohinki: I'm a practiced hip-hop dancer, I've run two Marine Corps Marathons and I once drove a ballistic missile submarine.

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We chatted up Ian and Anthony (who answered as a duo) and the entire crew to get the scoop on what they're really like IRL.

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