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According to the original design, it should have included at least three other courses — on the internal arrangements and furniture of houses, on food and drink, and on the burial of the dead.

This series of lectures compiises several short courses which were delivered from time to time.

Owin^ to the sudden death of Professor O'Curry immediately after the completion of his Lectures on Music, the intended Lectures were not written, and I have not been able to discover any materials collected towards their preparation. Being very anxious that the publication of these lectures should take place with as little delay as possible, I offered to edit them.In collecting the numerous extracts from the Tain Bo Chuail- gne, which may be called the Iliad of Irish romance, if I may compare small things with great, it struck me that it would be well to give a translation of some part of it, sufficient to convey an adequate idea of the character of genuine Ancient Irish poetry.With this object I made a literal translation from that romance, of a complete episode recording the combats of Fer- diad and Cuc Jiulaind, which, together with the original text, I BOSTON COLLEGE LIBRARY TJT? have printed as one of the Appendixes to Volume III.The account of the classes of society given in the second Lecture appeared to me to be in- complete and unsatisfactory.This account was based on a frag- ment of a law tract called the Crith Gablach, which I thought ought to be printed in full in the Appendix.

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When, for this reason, the text is emended, the part so emended is enclosed in brackets.

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