3he cosmogenic nuclide age dating

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Although complications to simple diffusion kinetic models and other aspects that complicate interpretations are beginning to be recognized, several factors make He dating a powerful technique that is uniquely suited to many geologic problems.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Our lab has routinely measured meteoritic phosphate He ages as old as 4.3-4.5 Ga, and clinker and volcanic zircon ages as young as ~10 ka and ~100 ka, respectively (Heffern et al., in press; Blondes et al., 2007).Although certain analytical aspects, such as alpha ejection corrections, can be tricky to deal with, most parts of the analytical procedures for conventional He dating are relatively straightforward, and can be performed with gas-source quadrupole mass spectrometry and standard ICP-MS approaches.Uncertainty associated with the correction depends on uncertainties in measurements of crystal dimensions, the correspondence of analyzed and original crystal morphologies, and the distribution of parent nuclides both within the crystal and within the ~20- m external environment during He accumulation in the rock.The latter two factors are difficult to quantify a priori, and may be largely responsible for the fact that the observed reproducibility of He ages for most crystals (typically Ar ages on the same samples (e.g., Blondes et al., 2007).

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This improvement may be best achieved by further modification of the quartz-based methodologies for 10Be purification, in order to better handle the high cationic contaminant loads of ferromagnesian minerals.