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3 dating mitsuru

But later on, she reveals to the new SEES members that somehow she has been connected to the origins of the Dark Hour and Tartarus, as well as the mysterious Shadows, the main enemies of the game.

Her grandfather was involved, as well as the sponsor for the project of studying Shadows and to figure out how to use their power.

Besides her high intelligence and status, her family's group, the Kirijo Group, owns the school, as well as the island that it is established in.

In the beginning, Mitsuru keeps secrets to herself about Tartarus and the Dark Hour.

It can be inferred that she most likely takes over the Kirijo Group shortly after.

In the P3 FES expansion, "The Answer", Mitsuru and the others celebrate one last night with the other SEES members (excluding Yukari and Akihiko), as their dorm was to be closed down at the end of the year.

They decide to open the door to the past and figure out the reasons of his death, and possibly prevent him from dying.The past event also triggers the time when Mitsuru awakens her persona for the first time.There is also a scene about Akihiko's past that shows Mitsuru asking him to join SEES.Mitsuru is also one of the founding members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) and acts as the leader.In battle, her weapons consist of one-handed swords such as the rapier and sabre.

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The main character used the Great Seal against Nyx so that mankind will be prevented from calling out to Nyx.